Domestic Painting Service Canberra

Painting Services Canberra (Process)

  • Free quote, written quote.
  • Free colour consultant and life samples for your painting job.
  • Free repair and maintenance creative advice to save your budget for your project.
  • Free and honest advice for the materials quality and the warranties periods, we provide scientific explanation of the materials quality ranges, what is top-quality, what is commercial.
  • We also discuss the preparation process prior any painting process of sanding, gaping, batching, fixing, changing damaged areas.
  • We also discuss the undercoat and the finishing painting coats.
  • We discuss the time frame for your job, when to start, when to end.
  • We don’t charge any front payment until your job ended and satisfied as our promise.
  • We are licence and insured, we are highly experienced.
  • We provide many references for jobs just finished recently for your review.

Painting Services Canberra (specials)

We add our touch to your project as complete solution within your budget, we add to our painting services these services, this would add significant savings to your project.

  • We fix and paint roofs and provide 10 years warranties to like brand new.
  • We can paint your exterior bricks walls to looks modern and stylish with law costs.
  • We can fix and repaint your pergola to looks like new.
  • We can repaint your aluminium window frames to looks like new.
  • We can provide epoxy to your kitchen bench.
  • We can paint chuck boards and walls for writing and drawings.
  • We do paint concrete floors with high qualities of 10 years warranties.
  • We do tiles painting to looks like new with 10 years warranties.
  • We made your old fence looks like new.
  • We install splashback glass on kitchen walls.
  • We fix water damage and provide 10 years warranties.
  • We install celling skirtings.
  • We install bathroom and laundry new cabinets on cost price.
  • We can add glass tent to your windows.

We do more and more depending of your project on the top of our painting expertise to made your job completed under one cost and title .


Our Domestic service includes

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